Tourism representatives from the state government visited us

to see what Bahia Asuncion has to offer! Hopefully the government

will step up it’s promotions of these out of the way villages to help the economy.




Our guests have been enjoying the beautiful weather here and learning to boogie board and enjoying the pool!







Here are some more guests who love exploring and eating in the various restaurants that have awesome fresh seafood!









Our guests from Switzerland thought our trip to Isla Asuncion compared to the Galapagos as we saw so many interesting species. Apart from common dolphins, thousands of California Sea Lions, spotted seals and harbour seals,  our usual seabirds that nest on the Island, we also saw 3 Blue Footed Booby birds and a bird I had never seen before, A Nazca Booby as close relative to Masked Booby.

The baby sea lions were about 3 months old and just starting to swim but were still nursing so we chose not to snorkel this time as the mothers were very protective of their cubs playing at the shore.







La Bufadora  Inn looks different from the water!






We enjoyed watching the solar eclipse with guests who came here from Mexico City to watch it! They had the coolest glasses!









A wonderful group of off road travelers with Cameron Steele stopped into Asuncion and put on a big give-away for the kids at a local restaurant here Keykos where they had a seafood lunch and were entertained by my husband’s band!


snowbirds are flying south! Campo Sirena is hoppin as is the shrimp taco place!







We have enjoyed listening to the the tales of many dirt bikers who have stopped in to rest here.







We always enjoy showing our visitors the area and all the fun things to do here. This page is dedicated to their adventures and sometimes misadventures!!

This was a great dinner on the patio where our guests from Greece introduced Uzo to the locals! And some of our recent happy guests who enjoyed their stay with us!




20160714_195747This gang from California loved fishing here for the first time and caught lots of yellowtail & calico bass. My grandson was checking out their catch.



This family from Guerrero Negro stayed at the Inn during the fishing tournament and had a wonderful time!!! The kids loved the pool and the tournament was great.








DSC01241These biker brothers from Washington state were happy to rest up for a couple days during their ride down the Baja Peninsula.


Sitting around the patio listeningDSC01314 to our guest’s stories of travel and intrigue is always interesting.





Owning an Inn has it’s benefits as we get to meet so many interesting people….we had a fantastic time with the band Los02-DSC00778 03-DSC00779 01-DSC00860 Altenos de la Sierra who were playing at the dances here for our Traditional Fiestas…we loved listening to their music both on our patio and at the dance!











Here are some fine folks that have visited us over the last while.

1-DSC00896 6-IMG_2840 IMG_2793










Friends from the West Coast of Vancouver Island visited us as part of aIMG_1723 film documentary they are making about a father/son motorcycle journey. Bruce had never caught a fish before so it was an exciting voyage for him…he caught, cleaned, cooked and ate his fish!


they also tried lobster for the first time thanks to Juan’s sister who’s husband is a lobster fisherman here. They got great footage of the sea lions playing with their underwater camera too. We look forward to seeing their film when they finish and keeping up with their travels via their website


IMG_1627This couple certainly attracts attention wherever they go in their big rig! They had a great time camping in San Roque and enjoying good old Mexican hospitality there.

Check out their travel blog at

and find them on  Facebook at


Fall brings our favorite guests down to take advantage of the great weather and fishing in Asuncion. It has been wonderful to deepen our relationships with our visitors every year and fun to hang out with them again. Here are some of our amigos!

IMG_1366  IMG_1143IMG_1442   IMG_1542IMG_1145   IMG_1554IMG_1563   IMG_1598-001

It’s always interesting to have international clients visiting…this surferDSCN1996 couple are from Sweden and really loved exploring the area and we learned alot about their country and culture from them.

DSCN2000DSCN2051 They are hitch hiking around the continent and were lucky to hook up with Dillon who has also been traveling around Mexico on his own…so they made great travel companions to share expenses and adventures….

Check out the arches we have…sort of like Cabo!

DSCN1989  DSCN1964

I love listening to the stories these old timers tell of traveling the peninsula long ago before the road was paved. Many of them have been coming here for over 50 years and keep coming back to enjoy that baja spirit! Say Hola to Don & Patti and to our pals from Reno Bob & Joe.



How do you like that Corona pinata!!!



There are more bikers of all descriptions riding in Baja than I have ever seenDSC05619 before. Mike & Jason had some challenges on some sandy roads with their big touring bikes loaded down but managed to make it out to us. They had a great time relaxing by the sea before they continued their ride to the tip and back.



                                                      GREAT START TO 2013

perry cathy rickWe have had a busy few months this start of a new year with lots of great old and new friends visiting us here in Asuncion. Here are some of them.  from Mt. Shasta are becoming “resident” guests that we always enjoy having in town…here they are at the best shrimp taco place in the universe with amigo Rick Weiss from Washington who spent 3 months with us this year and really immersed into the community life.

Wayne & Melinda came on one of my guided whale excursions and then backDSCN0521 to Asuncion for a few days where they enjoyed a great birthday party complete with live music, dinner & dancing…baja’s best! Notice Wayne is double fisting it with a tecate & a tequila!

DSCN1240We enjoy hosting lots of biker groups in the spring…this group was real happy with the fresh lobster dinner my sister in law Lupita served them after a hard days ride. We make sure everything is ready when the bikers get here…fridge full of cold beer, food waiting to serve and hot water showers.

We were invited to a remote fish camp one day to eat lobster and see howOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA itwas to live in a fish camp…we brought pismo clams and lots of beer and had a wonderful day in an incredibly beautiful part of the coast.




December is a fun month with families coming to visit for the holidays.DSCN0183

It is always fun to gather for Christmas dinner and invite old and new friends to celbrate. Here is the gang after a lovely turkey dinner hosted by David at Galeria Bahia…Merry Christmas everyone!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACharlie from Colorado was on a great ride on his BMW through baja and stopped here to celebrate New Years with us…what an adventure he is having.DSCN0236

Here is the rest of the gang after we had set off lots of fireworks and enjoyed another turkey dinner hosted by our amigo Rick.

SomeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA of our favorite guests who visit often were here for the festive season. Udo Winkler and his lovely wife Jana spent a fun filled week here sailing around in their Hobie kayak outrigger. Udo is a fantastic cook and made us several great meals. They  are hoping to find a house to buy here or maybe build one and will be a great addition to our community.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A group of friends from Oregon visited here for the first time to fish and already made reservations for next Christmas season they had such a great time. They caught the fish of their dreams and even got to visit a lobster camp where they were graciously served all they could eat fresh lobster!

It was the first time we had ever had guests from Dubai India and this young couple OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA loved their first time in Mexico …especially the food! It was fun to take them for tacos…it was their first time ever eating a shrimp & fish taco!!! Imagine that! They loved our ocean side accommodations and we learned alot about life in Dubai.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  November is our busiest month as the fishing    is great and lots of folks have some time off around thanksgiving. So we had a few fun family groups here like the Castillo family who made the most of their visit to Asuncion. They had a great time swimming with the sea lions at Asuncion Island and dancing to the live band at a quincenera party.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA These ladies were indeed sea lion whisperers….I have never seen the sea lions so interested in people before…there were so many so close and they were trying to jump into the boat! It was amazing and fun to watch how they interacted.

Then we jumped in and swam with them and I’m not sure who had moreOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA fun…the sea lions or us!

Our friends Denny & Michelle Greif from Iowa were joined by their parentsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA here for a week and had a wonderful time experiencing all Asuncion has to offer. They spent long days at the beach swimming in the warm water, kayaked and snorkeled with sealions, fished, ate lobster and other seafood delights and made the most of their visit.




We made a new friend…Ed Proctor who teaches kite boarding in La VentanaDSC05380 stopped in to see us and was stoked to catch his first yellowtail…he fit right into the groove here.We loved his cool moto with the balloon tires for the sand…look forward to his next visit.

This motley crew fished liked they’d never fished before during their stay hereDSC05344 at La Bufadora Inn and will be back next year without a doubt.

We had another bike and off road vehicle group from the Sacremento area visit Asuncion. It was their first visit but not their last. They were happy to arrive to a nice lobster dinner that Anaberta & Tomas prepared for them at Loncheria Mari and a cooler full of ice cold beer after their ride through the desert. It was like an E ticket ride when I got to ride in this thing!

They spent a couple days exploring the area tails and loved poking around in the fossil valley. Some of them went fishing with us and caught enough to feed the group a nice fresh fish dinner.

November is dirt bike month….here are a couple guys who visit every year on their bike trip down the baja! Walt & thorn have been here 5 years in a row so we’re like family now!

We had 2 fly in groups last week to take advantage of the great yellowtail fishing these days. The said it was the best fishing trip they’d EVER had!

My spanish immersion student Ken took a day off classes to try his luck at fishing…he and my daughter Sirena did pretty well. We ate sashimi, sushi, fish tacos, ceviche and smoked some too from their booty.

Sashimi Sunday was excellent thanks to the fresh yellowtail brought in by our honoured guest Larry Kellerman who caught his limits of calico and yellowtail…thanks amigo!

September is a popular month in Campo Sirena as folks come from the gulf side to escape the heat and get in on great shore fishing right in front of the camp. We were all invited to a Brat BBQ hosted by Brent from Loreto…it was a wonderful potluck party with lots of interesting stories going around the eclectic group.

A group of surfers showed up to check out our local waves and they weren’t disappointed!

Here we are at Conchitas where they tried every thing on the menu.

My daughter Sirena guided them to the break and got a surf lesson from Cory from Hawaii.

We had a blast with Justin, Tom, Matt & Cory and they promised to return with gear from the surf shop one works in for prizes for our Christmas Surf Tournament

Glen & Mike from Yuma Arizona were here as part of  their 25th anniversary of traveling the baja together. It was their first time to Asuncion but definitely not their last! They happened to arrive when i was preparing fresh dorado tacos from the fish my daughter caught that morning and said they were THE best fish tacos they had EVER had anywhere! They were a great couple of guys and real baja lovers.

Jerry Davis and his buddy Jim Emory enjoyed the ambiance at our B&B. Luckily they caught a nice yellowtail with which we made a big platter of sashimi to feed some of the locals who came over to help us celebrate our friend Nancy’s birthday. They loved the live music, dancing, food and good company and plan to come back in the fall for more fishing.

Martin, Anne & Emer had a fun filled week at our Sunset Casita exploring all the beaches, boogie boarding and trying out the various restaurants and food stands. It was both Martin’s (who is from Ireland) and Emer’s first time in Baja….  5 year old Emer is hopelessly hooked and wanted to stay here! They made lots of new amigos during their stay & are already planning their next visit for whale season in March.


Kyle and Ashley from Tofino B.C. Canada loved Bahia Asuncion and stayed at Campo Sirena for 5 days to surf and get to know the locals. They are riding their BMW to south America and back over the next year.

We were honoured to have Michael David Hewitt staying at Campo Sirena…he is an Australian professional sandcastle builer who has travelled widely making amazing sand sculptures.

It was fantastic to see the process of making a large sculpture. He took about a week to make this mermaid at our camp. The locals came out to see his progress and we invited him back in mid August to help organize and judge a sand castle competition for the Traditional Fiestas. He will give workshops on how to build a sand castle in the days before the competition.

Here is a slide show of the mermaid taking shape!

It’s always nice to have visitors from Canada…my paisanos! Scott is travelling baja in his classic orange 1972 VW bus making a video about how wonderful it is.

He is one of the most patriotic canucks I’ve met…and the only guy I know with an amazing hockey tatoo of legendary Ken Dryden.

He has been rockin the campground with great tunes and enjoying all the local sights and events like the Navegantes baseball game.

My grandson Izaak has really enjoyed his company too and he learned how to play the harmonica!

I sure love it when a guest has a special skill that he doesnt mind sharing with his host! Dr.Jack Stone, a chiropractor gave me an amazing treatment that left me feeling great…all nicely adjusted!

Our latest guests are real adventures!! They are backpacking around the world and spent months in Ojo de Liebre and a couple weeks with us. Cedric is a dive instructor from France and his son Noah and mother Sara are Italian and they travel the world working in the dive industry. It was fun for my grandson Izaak to have a little buddy to play with…and learn some French and Italian!

From here they were going to rent a burro and hike up to the Sierra de San Francisco to see the cave paintings…bon voyage amigos!

Amy & Alan from Washington were wonderful to meet and get to know. Amy is a musician and historian and plays the harp. She brought along an instrument I’d never seen before so she could accompany the guides who will take them to the cave paintings in the Sierra de San Francisco. We really enjoyed learning how to play her Psaltery and she accompanied Nancy on her guitar as well.

Here they are at Galeria Bahia playing some music after a lovely dinner there.

Campo Sirena has had several Class A motor homes visit lately…snowbirds who spent the winter in baja and are now on their way north…they are loving the shore fishing at the camp and exploring this part of the peninsula from Turtle Bay to Abreojos.

February is when avid whale watchers come to watch the whales passing by in front of the Blowhole B&B and I guide our guests to the calving lagoon of Ojo de Liebre for the whale watching experience of a lifetime. Hundreds of whales pass by our home every day this alnd next month. Here are some of our guests from the last couple weeks.

It was great to meet the Rose family who camped at our campground…David had his hands full with his two energetic sons AJ and Sean who absolutely loved beachcombing for bones and shells and playing in the waves.

They also went fishing and were thrilled they caught their limits of yellowtail, calico and white fish.

Mark also camped here at our place….he showed up on his motorbike and had a great time meeting some of the locals here and seeing the town for the first time. He plans to return with his family too.

and here is a whole group of off road bikers who have been buzzing around baja for the week….they were supposed to go fishing but a storm blew up so it was a bit rough and they didnt want to get seasick!!!

Chris and his girlfriend Anna also enjoyed camping in their classic VW van! Chris is a great carpenter and helped us out on a little project before they headed south to do some surfing…we look forward to their return visit on their way north.

Our amigos Roz & Mike from Mulege come over every year to fish with Juan and visit Asuncion. This year they entertained us with thier singing at the Galeria Bahia and caught their limits of nice big yellowtail.

Don McMullen and his copilot Bob had a fantastic first visit to Asuncion. We took them to the Revolution Day Fiesta and they loved it and how friendly everyone was here…they cant wait to come back with their families again. Here is Don’s experimental plane he built!

We have had lots of great guest so far in November and have had alot of fun with them. Rob & Rich, Dell and Barry from Reno had a fantastic week playing with all their toys they brought down…they fished from 2 boats, rode their dirt bikes all over the place and shore fished from their “Rhino” as well as sampled the food all over town and got a nice lobster dinner cooked for them at the Beach House.

Ray and David spent some days in our Rock Rooms and fished with Juan. They really enjoyed kickin back on the patio after fishing and eating sashimi platters with the gang…the morning they pulled out was a fantastic sunrise!

With all the great fish being caught, we have had excellent BBQ’s and pot luck dinners with our guests and local amigos. Thanks to David & Nancy from Galeria Bahia for hosting yet another amazing party…Nancy’s seared yellowtail was a real crowd pleaser as was David’s BBQ tails!

David & Joan are enjoying relaxing at Campo Sirena, swimming, kayak fishing and surfing as well as socializing with the locals and Lee & Pat who visit us every year are livin it up at the Beach House.

It was a pleasure to meet the Nozot family for the first time and they are already planning their return trip next month. They were happy with all the yellowtail and calico they caught.

Even the campground filled up this week with a group of campers from the Vagabundos del Mar who visit us every year who enjoy the area for fishing, beachcombing, swimming and exploring.

It is great to meet new friends and welcome back old ones…on their first visit to Asuncion, Preston & his lovely wife Suzanne enjoyed a social sunday on our patio and got to meet our very first clients from 2006…Dave & Joan. Preston shared some of the yellowtail he caught that day for a big sashimi platter!

Our fishing clients loved being able to fly in here and start fishing from shore right away…they were hauling in halibut and corvina an hour after they landed!
They were so stoked to catch firecracker yellowtail off the beach, eat lobster and panga fish to their heart’s content!

Two planes landed this week with fishermen! These 3 are town hopping in central baja for a few days…Abrojos, Asuncion and onto Mulege.

this group of fishing fanatics visit us every year in October to fish every day on their fancy boat which gets alot of attention in the village! They are a fun bunch of guys and have made friends with the locals here and plan to retire here one day.

A family from Italy stayed with us a few days and loved the nice temps here for hanging on the beach. They invited us to a real Italian pasta dinner and we had so much fun learning about their culture and cooking.

In the summer, we get lots of folks coming over from “the other side” or the gulf side where it is blistering hot or from down south…they come seeking the nice cool weather here and great fishing…here are tomas from todos santos(below) and dave from Los Barilles with some fish.(right)

Tomas liked it so much here over the last couple months, he ended up buying a lot so he can hang out here every summer!

Mark Stahl who won the Baja 1000 five times!!! accompanied by his lovely wife, enjoyed visiting Asuncion for the first time and partaking in some of the festivities at the Traditional Fiestas with us. We also helped Mark celebrate the “Big 6-0” with a birthday party at Mari’s restaurant. Here he is experiencing a local tradition called “Mordida” when you get your face pushed into the cake!

In the summer, we get lots of folks who live on the gulf side of the peninsula coming over to beat the heat. Wiley & Carol from La Paz enjoyed a couple weeks at Campo Sirena relaxing in the nice cool air and fishing…love the dolphin design!

We enjoyed helping Wiley celebrate his 79th birthday at Loncheria Mari’s.

Mike & Raquel only came for a couple days and ended up staying more than a week here at the Blowhole. Here we are celebrating Mike’s birthday baja style with other guests. They are soon embarking on a journey to south america and we wish them buen viaje.

This couple from boston turned alot of heads here on their russian motorcyle with cute little side car…what a way to see baja! Here we all are getting to know each other.

Tony & Kerry Marsse from Arizona flew into Asuncion to check out the village and they weren’t disappointed!!! Kerry LOVED the long deserted sandy beach in front of the Beach House and they couldnt believe the weather was so perfect…nice and cool compared to Arizona and the gulf side. They really liked the friendly locals and feel of the village and are already planning their return trip with more friends.

Al Kirsinas and his son Alex visisted us for the first time to celebrate father’s day. They were kind enough to bring down my daughter and grandson with them for the party which was wonderful.  We did it up right and took them to the horse races which they really enjoyed. Here is the race I won 20 pesos on!!!

the next day they had a great day on the water fishing for calico bass and sheepshead. Alex turned 15 and the musicians at the Father’s Day BBQ helped him celebrate baja style…it was a birthday he’ll never forget and looks like we have another baja convert on board!!

The Gray Whale calving lagoons attract lots of attention in February and most of our visitors have enjoyed thier close encounters in Ojo de Liebre and San Ignacio. I had a wonderful group join me for a guided trip where I ended up smooching with a lovely whale.

here is a baby on top of it’s mothers back

Our old pals David and Ged had an adventurous motorcylce trip and relaxed here before they headed home.

Our amigos from Arizona brought their kids to see the whales before they came to visit us…Tristan and Erin were happy to visit with my grandson Izaak! the kids have been enjoying the beach…beats the snow they say!

Paul Boe and is wife Shelley are enjoying their new lot at the beach and getting to know the locals. Here is Paul doing some magic tricks for the girls…they were very impressed indeed! And Shelley loves to spoil little Izaak every day.

In the summer we always have lots of visitors from other parts of the Baja…these are our pals from Pta.Banda who finally decided to come and see what all the fuss was about over Asuncion…now they know!!!

Lots of amigos come  over from the HOT  side…Mulege, Pta.Chivato, San Bruno etc. to take advantage of our cool weather. We can always tell who are from the gulf side cause they sport long pants, sweaters and SOCKS!!! hahahaha

Its nice to have old friends come to visit and meet some new ones after getting to know each other on internet sites like Baja Nomad.


Baja Gypsies arrive from northern Saskatchewan to soak up some sun!!!  Our old friends Todd, Ali, Greg & Simon brought their grandparents along this time to celebrate his birthday. We had an awesome couple weeks with them and Todd who is a PADI instructor gave us dive courses which was really terrific. They will be opening their dive shop Pacific Explorers in the near future in Asuncion.


The guys from San Felipe felt right at home at the Bufadora B&B.

We had a blast with visitors who returned again this year for Asuncion’s Traditional Fiestas…they had fun attending all the events even if they didnt win this year’s fishing tournament!

Everyone has LOVED eating Adrian’s gourmet food at the Tide Pool Bistro which has become a great place to hang out and meet people.

Arturo brought his pals this year to share in the bounty!


Lionel, Michelle and their great kids Erin & Tristan spent the best part of a month in Asuncion and ended up joining the Asuncion community by buying  their dream lot on Ensenadita Cove out on the point. These folks have so much to offer our village…Lionel is a fireman, paramedic and studying to be a nurse and Michelle wants to start a cloth diaper service here for happier babies and moms!!! We had a fantastic time with them being entertained by their unique children. Michelle did a diaper drive in the States to bring down a huge supply of cloth diapers for Sirenita who is expecting her baby Izaak in mid September…so we can show other mom’s how easy cloth diapers are.


Our new amiga Nellie Hutchison came over from Loreto  to cool off for a few days and check out Asuncion. She fell in love with the small village atmosphere and wild waves of the west coast. Nellie is from Victoria B.C., on Vancouver Island where I used to live so we had alot to talk about. We went hiking in the fossil valley and saw lots of petrified whale bones and sharks teeth and they put alot of miles on their quad exploring the many beaches along the coast. They will definately be back…and maybe for more than just a visit!!!


David from Tasmania went Halibut hunting with Juan in San Roque…but the water was still too cold and they only found some cabrilla and surf perch but had alot of fun diving.

We finally got to meet the famous Calamity Jane from Mulege and she presented Sirena with a wonderful gift for their new venture “the Tide Pool” eatery.

Hugh & Carol the owners of Discover Baja Travel Club brought down a load of gifts for the baby shower for my daughter Sirenita.

We have had a few flyin visitors this spring.

and the wonderful Flying Doctors who do free clinics here

the bike groups who come through are always lots of fun!!!

Ontario bikers!

eric and his son had a great time spearfishing




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  1. Josh says:

    I will be down in bahia Asuncion on Oct 14. 15 and 16 with a few guys and am looking for a good size panga and captain .
    Please let me know if you have one avalible



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