January 7, 2013


Well, it may not be Times Square but we had fun just the same shooting off fireworks at the beach! They sell them at the stores here so the whole village is a noisy affair on New Year’s Eve. The photo above is of some fireworks we set off. Some of the local expats and amigos gathered at Rick’s place for a turkey pot luck dinner and some dancing after the fun fireworks. We wish you all the best this next year and look forward to getting together more often.

DSCN0233  DSCN0236



January 7, 2013

DSCN0076   Friends of ours from Saskatchewan who       have a house here arrived just in time for our family’s Christmas eve party. They brought a cooler full of fresh snow with them to show the relatives who had never seen snow before. They had alot of fun making snowballs to throw at each other…who’d have thought they would have snow on Christmas in Asuncion!

The menudo was cooked over a fire outside as family and friends gathered toDSCN0079 celebrate Christmas.The musicians played till dawn and everyone danced the cumbia. It’s so nice to see the family together…Juan’s sisters love to party!


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December 5, 2012

DSC05489The yellowtail bite is ON and the fish just keep getting bigger as the year draws to a close. The weather has been great…air temps in the high 70’s, not too much wind, water temps near 70 degrees and lots of fish everywhere. We have also been catching bonita, big eye tuna and nice calico bass. Halibut are still being caught from shore in front of Campo Sirena.

Cruising Sailboats enjoy Bahia Asuncion’s safe anchorage

December 2, 2012

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is cruising season for sailboats and we love to see the harbour with so many boats, their lights twinking at night.  It’s interesting to meet the adventurers and we enjoy helping the yachties get what they need, show them around town as well as listening to their sea stories.

Our anchorage is excellent and boaters love the friendly atmosphere in the village, the restaurants and good stores and services.

Cruisers often require repairs of equipment and need to provision to continue their voyage down south and Asuncion is a great place to do just that.

Hurricane Paul before and after

October 23, 2012

Hurricane Paul certainly had us all worried here as the forecast models had him making landfall here. The afternoon before the storm painted the sky incredible colours

Luckily Hurricane Paul split in two and lost steam before reaching us here in Bahia Asuncion. There were some tense hours especially after the internet went down in the whole state and we couldnt see the satellite images where Paul was headed. Luckily we still had an AM radio to listen to reports and the power remained on throughout the whole ordeal.

On Tuesday, as Paul was wreaking havoc in Mag Bay, Capt. Juan Arce Marron managed to get some anglers out before the storm hit here. Ironically,one of the fisherman’s name was Paul too! They had an exciting day on the water as the clouds built and it began to rain a bit. They got limits of calico bass and a few medium size yellowtail before they had to come in as the seas started to build which makes it hard to pull the boat out of the water. After downing the traditional sashimi plate, the storm clouds began to close in which made for a great sunset.

Wednesday, the tropical storm hit Asuncion with hard rain and about 50 knot winds, not enough to cause any real damage thank goodness.  We flooded the panga with water so it wouldnt flip over, tied down the roof and put planks on the windows and watched the fury from the Dolphin Room. Our prayers are with those who lost their homes further south.

The electricity remained on throughout the storm and no roads were washed out here…all was back to normal the following day…we dodged the storm bullet once again.

September 28, 2012


One of my favorite summertime activities apart from fishing is snorkeling with the juvenile sea lions at Asuncion Island. The island has several thousand California Sea Lions and spotted seals as well and is in the nuclear zone of the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve. It is also an important bird sanctuary and nesting grounds so walking on the island is off limits to the public.

The great thing about heading out to this island is that it is only 5 minutes from town so even people who get seasick or are nervous about being in a boat on the ocean can easily participate in this adventure.



Each little cove and beach is home to dozens of sea lions and is unique…some beaches have the newborn animals or youngsters.


They have babies twice a year so there are always little ones that are fun to watch as they grow up and experience the ocean around them. This little guy is about 3 months old. There is often a dominant male baby sitting them.

We snorkel in a protected cove and the young sea lions are as curious about us as we are about them. They are playful and swim around and under you looking you right in the eye. They are not aggressive and seem to enjoy checking you out but remain at a safe distance.


Here is a little slide show of our day on the water.


Pithaya Season is here!

September 23, 2012

It has been a wonderful summer for light rain in baja which means a fruitful pithaya season…pithayas are a scrumptious cactus fruit that tastes like a cross between a strawberry, watermelon and kiwi! It is a fun outing in the desert gathering them and they make wonderful margaritas too!!! Here is Erin VanGurp with a plate of sliced fruit which lasted about a minute.