About us

Hola amigos! We would like to introduce ourselves to you…I’m Shari originally from Canada and lived in baja for over 20 years and my husband Juan Arce Marron is from Bahia Asuncion.

Juan & Shari spearfishing in San Roque

Juan & Shari spearfishing in San Roque

We are fortunate to live in front of the Blowhole here in beautiful Bahia Asuncion where we operate La Bufadora Inn, a sportsfishing & dive charter business and vacation house rentals.

We also offer spanish immersion packages and help new residents find their dream home or lot &  assimilate into our wonderful community.

this blog will serve to keep all of our friends and clients up to date on what’s happening in our village…we welcome your input, comments, photos and stories here too.


USA Phone: 619-906-8438

Mex Phone: 615-160-0289

Cell Phone: 615-155-7197

Find us on this google map



our home at the Blowhole

2 Responses to About us

  1. Phil says:

    We are planning a trip south to Bahia Concepcion and was advised to take a detour to Bahia Asuncion. We are traveling from the Yukon with our 25′ travel trailer and 2 very friendly dogs. We are wondering where is a good place to camp for both security and scenery and of course good company and food. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • sirena bondy says:

      Hi there…you will love Bahia Asuncion for scenery, pristine beaches and friendly locals. We have a campground called Campo Sirena on the beach with hookups, water, shower, laundry etc. and your dogs will love the beach!

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