Flying Doctors visit Asuncion

This weekend we hosted the Medicos Voladores for their 13th trip here! Every year this dedicated group flies in and does a clinic of varying descriptions…dental, gynecology, ear, nos 7 throat etc. Here they are arriving at our air strip which by the way is the longest dirt strip in Baja. They welcoming party included the local cops and the military, the Mayor and first lady, Tomas…the head of the Proteccion Civil & Loncheria Mari… and Juan & I.

This time we set a record and saw 114 patients in a gruelling 12 hour day. They usually do 2 days but Hurricane Paine blew out one of their days. It was great to be able to help the good folk of Asuncion get new glasses and identify some vision problems and suggest treatment. The oldest patient was 93 and we had several kids too…one who cried he was so happy he could see far away! Here are some of the stars of the day…

here is the waiting room outside

as usual Tomas feeds us all very well which keeps everyone happy!

It is always an honour to work with these wonderful people who bring so much joy to our villages. Now we need to find a way to get the glasses that are being made down to us…maybe a Nomad could do the honour? They will be ready at the end of October and are around 20 pairs.


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